CHE Safety Rules/Regs


fireworks safety 



  1. Please make sure all children are using the crosswalks where the crossing guards are located.


  1. Please do not drop children off on the roadways along the school.


  1. Please use car loop A & B or the park area for student drop off and pick up.


  1. There is no cell phone use allowed while you are in the car loop areas for arrival and dismissal.


  1. If you arrive at the school early for pickup, please pull all the way up in the car loop to minimize the amount of cars on the roadway.


  1. Please do not block intersections or crosswalks when waiting on car lines for pickup.


  1. There are no U-turns or left turns when the school zone lights are flashing. Please read the signs that are posted.


  1. If your child rides a bike to school, make sure they have and wear a helmet.


  1. Please do not park in the bus loop fire lane that is located at the front entrance.  Please utilize the parking lot (Car Loop B).


  1. You are not allowed to park on the grass.


  1. IMPORTANT: The speed limit is 15 MPH when the school zone lights are on.


The SRO (Officer Gasper) will enforce all the rules and laws that were previously mentioned.   There will be uniformed officers enforcing the speed limit and tickets will be issued as needed.  Please inform all family and friends.  If you have any safety concerns or issues, you can contact me at the front office. 


Thank you!


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